So often people ask me, “Is it difficult to sell a home during the winter months?” I have to tell you, after looking at the data, my answer is yes. It probably is a little more difficult to sell during this time of year.

My team and I sell an average of about 2,400 homes per month in the four-county area where I work, across Cuyahoga, Medina, Summit, and Lorain. In November, our sales start to dip a little bit below that average.

In January and February, though, our average drops pretty significantly. We sell 1,600 homes on average in January and 1,700 in February. That’s about 31% to 35% below average.

“Sellers might want to keep their homes off the market in January and February.”

Statistically, that’s fairly significant. If at all possible, sellers might want to keep their homes off the market during these two months.

However, buyers should know that these months are a great time to be looking. You could possibly get a really good deal due to the lack of competition.

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