Welcome back to your real estate market minute.

Listing season is almost upon us, so I’d like to give you the three most important things you can do to get your house ready for sale.

1. Declutter. Decluttering is simple, but not always easy. Essentially, it means getting all of your stuff—tchotchkes, knickknacks, and other possessions—off your flat surfaces, including the mantel, the nightstand, countertops, etc. This also includes any stray items on the floor. Putting them away will help you make your space look larger.

2. Deep cleaning. When you clean your home, you should pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. These areas really need to sparkle; there’s nothing worse than walking in and seeing crumbs or stains on the countertops. Also don’t forget about the simple things like mopping and sweeping the floors, shampooing the rugs, cleaning the mirrors, and so on. Doing these tasks will make your house all the more inviting.

3. Depersonalizing. If you have a lot of family pictures on the wall or other such personal items, you’ll want to take those down and put them away. You want the buyer to be able to imagine themselves in the home. However, you don’t want to take too much down, or else it will seem cold. It’s a little bit of a balancing act. Additionally, you should depersonalize your colors, sticking to neutral colors like grey and tan.

“Decluttering is simple, but not always easy.”

Using these three tips will help you go a long way toward getting your house sold.

If you’d like more tips or have questions, feel free to reach out. I can have a conversation with you and send you a free brochure called “27 Free and Easy Tips to Sell Your House For More.” I look forward to hearing from you!